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Titel creative woman in mid 30 [choreographer / dancer / film maker] looking for new home in community
Mannen 0
Vrouwen 0
Kinderen 0
Leeftijd 36
Provincie Noord-Holland
Stad Amsterdam
Wensen ligging Most important: Amsterdam, inside the ring. I love Amsterdam West but am very open to move into any other neighbourhood as each corner has its beauty and special character, really.
Wensen pand Reg. the space itself: I am also pretty open and generally think, I'd need to just see a place.
Wensen groep I just would love to live with a group of people that appreciates community and wants to create a beautiful home together.... where there's a friendly connection and people enjoy spending time together - while everyone lives his/her own life and there is space for independence. I love to cook and eat with people, sit down for a coffee and glas of wine here and there but some groups buy all the food together and dinner is every night with everyone. That would be too much for me as I don't have a rigid schedule / routine and don't have a 9-17 job.
Beschrijf jezelf ah, what to say? In a way, it feels a bit funny writing that often / that much about me in this period - while looking for a house.... I just got to know recently that out of some unexpected changes I have to look for a new home which makes me pretty sad, because I am not just leaving my current apartment and home, which I love, but also a community which lives in the house..... We are a woongroep having independent apartments (My and my flat mate are sharing one) and do have a shared space where we all meet and have dinner once a week. And, yes, I do very much like to live within a community. It's beautiful. For practicalities: My moving date is flexible - basically I can move from any moment now but need to leave until Jan/Feb next year. What else? I am in my mid thirties, originally born in Austria and I've travelled quite a bit privately as well as for work - I do work as choreographer, dancer and teacher as well as massage therapist and equally with film/video. One can definitely say, I am passionate about life and very dedicated, proactive and supportive reg the people and things which are important to me. I am social and appreciate community and, equally, do need my independence. It's great to share and create a beautiful home with others and I definitely would like to live with people with who there's a friendly connection and we can enjoy to hang out together. I enjoy city live for the great things it brings - culture, arts, a certain buzz.... - and I am also an “outdoors person”, loving to be in nature, trekking in the mountains or to be next to the ocean. I am pretty clean and the space I live in is super important to me - I like to keep my home tidy / in order and, definitely, invest energy and love into the space I live in. Of course, there are those manic super busy days when I get a bit mess but then I always clean things up again when the moment has passed. ;) In regard to sharing a living space, I guess, communication is one of the most important things. We all have our little or bigger preferences and habits - just human ;) and communicating about things is key. ...that's what I am thinking, at least. For more info about myself and my work, please, check my website and, sure, look me up on FB: www.andreahackl.com .....any other questions, please, shoot. ...and, well, I really hope, I might get in touch with someone via this website ;) Warm Greetings, Andrea
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Contact informatie you can contact me via: andreahackl514@hotmail.com +31-6-25435135 (also WhatsApp)
Geplaatst dinsdag, 30 oktober 2018
Vervalt maandag, 28 januari 2019
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Andrea Hackl
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