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Naam woongroep Penthouse
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Provincie Gelderland
Stad Nijmegen
Ligging IEWAN is located directly behind the dike of the Waal (Lent). We are in the outskirts of Nijmegen, close to the water and a very green area with cows, sheep, and bisons. You can cycle to the city center in less than 15 minutes and to the Radboud University in 25 minutes.
Gemeenschappelijke ruimte(s) With all IEWANers, we share a beautiful, light, community space where we organize yoga classes, concerts, workshops, a biweekly cafť and the general assembly. We share a garden that blossoms up and where we can find baby frogs and baby veggies in the summer. We also have a guest room and a shared living room. In our little store, you can buy non-fresh groceries. If you like being crafty, you will enjoy our shared workspace, where we can share not only tools but also skills and inspiration.
Prive ruimte(s) Our living group has a shared living room and kitchen, bathroom and WC. We live in the 'tower', granting our rooms to have high ceilings :) The one we subrent from April on, is 23m≤, and has gorgeous sunrises. The use of the room's furniture is negotiable, however it is preferable if you use Judit's furniture :)
Beschrijving woongroep The Penthouse is a five-person household. We are a mix of (part-time working) students and a musician/freelancer. We all have different time schedules and enjoy the overlap that we find spontaneously in daily life. Sometimes we cook or eat together, but we do not have the obligation to. At other times we will make plans to go to a concert or a party together or will set up the projector and turn our living room into a cinema. Everyone Is free to do as they like but we practice and value open and honest communication. Our living group lives together quite intensely and this means being able to criticize each other in a constructive way and finding solutions that work for all. We keep our living group clean with social tasks, meaning that each person has one or two tasks that are their responsibility and they have to keep track of themselves. We have a very warm connection with each other and enjoy being able to walk into each otherís room for a small chat, a hug, some chocolate, a tea, or some good advice. Some of us like to dive into heated discussions ranging from politics to philosophy, to religion, to sustainability, to identities, to how best to cook quinoa. But you will also find us enjoying the morning sun on our balcony or playing board games with some wine late at night. Currently, we switch between speaking Dutch and English, depending on whatever feels comfortable.
Huidige samenstelling Philip (29) is the oldest (in terms of age as well as living in IEWAN since the beginning). He is the musician of the house so you will often hear different sounds coming out of his room. He can turn any conversation into a Socratic dialogue and is the only one who can turn brussel sprouts into an edible dish. Tara (29) just moved in with tones of good vibes and motivation. She is a warm and sharing person, who also enjoys to retreat to her room for yoga and inner joy. Esther (28) is our warm, spiritual creature, who lives together with her hamster Charly in her room decorated with lively colors. She enjoys yoga and fills our house with the smell of freshly baked sweets. Leya (23) is the newest and youngest member of the living group. A little monkey who likes to likes to climb on everything, she enjoys challenging other peopleís viewpoints and sharpening her own, especially while enjoying really good food.
Gezochte personen We are looking for someone that wants to live wit hus for 4 months (April-July) and share the amazing community in its most wonderful time of the year! We want someone who is living consciously; important themes in both IEWAN and the living group are sustainability, ecology and community. We are looking for someone warm who feels comfortable living together with others, not just in a living group but also in a community. We enjoy diversity in our group and therefore value someone who can stand up for their opinion while still being open for new insights. We would prefer someone who does not use (hard- or soft) drugs regularly; if they are to be used, we expect it to be conscious use. We also (sadly!) canít accept any cat owners because of allergies. Are you enthusiastic about this project and can you find yourself in the above description? Then apply to this ad as soon as possible! Include your motivation to come live with us and a short description of yourself.If you do not feel too uncomfortable with it, we would appreciate it if you include a picture of yourself.
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Contact informatie Judit: jbatllokooijmans@gmail.com
Geplaatst maandag, 07 januari 2019
Vervalt zondag, 07 april 2019
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